I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy~
anais nin

Dance to save your soul

Slow down your naked sunshine soul Be you down to the eyes with which you see the world bury myself into the elements floating in the abyss Always searching to find my light into the green grass of sunshine fingertips Desire and ache for closeness Like the wind through your hair A hand holding your head A sleepy dream of memories Tranquil how lazy the day down a soft beach of solitude People fade beautifully into soft spoken whispers Smoke curls from vain red lips I reach for time And grasp it from my fingertips And we dance The divine sense of simplicity Tangled limbs of familiarity Shadows move in time to the beat tell me how the time knows The sky flows into divided rythms of soft bodies reaching for the sky and we Dance Ageless trips kiss my fingertips of wisdom tell me how the hours lounge lazily in time Can you feel the beauty move through the sound of music Into your body? Taste my soul with your shadow and we dance Down dimensions of telepathic trips sway my hips trace your kiss with my fingertips to taste you Long after I walk away I stop to close my eyes Can you feel yourself Love? Can you hear your own voice? Silence your mind And we dance So hush, and lay your head on my soft lap Double trips to late night bliss pleasure touches me so deep it penetrates the walls of my heart fingers graze across the sound of an endless sky thousands of years etched upon translucent light Soft sensations rubbing in the night rebirth revival of the senses you percieve your reality as timeless Your moment is timeless and we dance Down pathways of emotion let's take a little trip to freedom and forgive Take a breathe to Love To let it go you have the ability to move freely and we dance for the thirst of adventure At ease we tease the sunrise And bathe in the face of a radiant sky and we dance

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