I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy~
anais nin

Madjo - Session Acoustique Neighbour's bed

this is my spirit and how it pushes and pulls against the detachment of dressing up pretty, feeling the sun warm on my back, as we lay on the rocks, dancing in the morning in the kitchen, falling asleep in your arms, waking to steal the light turning in the morning, waking to you inside me somehow, as we fall into each other deeper and deeper. How those arms can lift me wherever you would want me, but you don't even see me. You see my smallness, and the curve of my belly your hands pulling me wherever you would want me, you see my eyes and my lips, but my heart...the fragile paper thin transparency of my soul, how my heart would want to open to you when I kiss you so deep it reaches to my belly...your picturesque body and how, with that, you have probably had it all handed to you. And how you belong with a simple girl of simple pleasures...And how you have no idea, that I am nothing of the sort.


stimulate create art or imitate initiate pleasure and or divine spoken truth in whispers we measure attraction in subtle gestures wish everyone would start a revolution of substance get out of our boxes and into the air of truth riding on the high masses we become toxic with vain doses forgot how to be still forgot how to strip down to nothing and just be without

Preludes to love

We took ecstacy that night many years ago... He and I went into the bathroom I was sitting on the edge of the bathtub watching him. His body was impeccable in only the way a climbers body would be, where the muscles had been pulled and stretched, his long lean limbs...the way his punk rock belt hung on his hips and his hipbones jutted out that would give me bruises on the insides of my thighs when we would make love. I felt my body start to peak in waves, such a body high that all I could do was sit there and stare at him as if it would be too intense to touch him. The feminine features of him seemed to make him so innocent looking. Long eyelashes, his high cheekbones, the curly unkempt hair..."You are so pretty I am scared to touch you"...he sat down and then pulled me onto him so I was straddling him. He moved my hair out of my face. He first whispered to me "I love you so much. You and I, we are so beautiful together Jericho. You are so beautiful, when you wake up and your eyes are so big, and the way you write, and your skin... and when people see us, they want this...this." he put his hand on my heart. He wrapped his arms around me and rocked me back and forth, and I felt everything from birth to this moment pulsating with my love. My love for this person. I knew also that we would lose each other because when two people who are so similar in spirit meet they eventually destroy each other. He took me to my loft...and we whispered into each other, and only the softest breathing remained when I collapsed into him. Your body, your body, your body" was what he said to me before he fell asleep. I stared at him that morning foreshadowing a heartbreak that hadn't occurred yet. I lost him to all the vices that destroyed us. But in those breaking and dividing moments where we promised to give all of ourselves, I believe we did. I know we did, because I didn't give myself like that again until almost ten years later...and the heartache was exactly the same.

random confessions

What do you do when you feel you have outgrown a place you are bound to, you smile at the endless ocean with your hands tied behind your back, you read books, you take solitude, you drink coffee, you bide your time, you daydream of the places you will go and what you will eat, you work hard, you remind yourself at least you are stuck on one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and then you go surfing:)

HibOO d'Live : Madjo "Catch the Bird"

Some things are so beautiful I can barely contain...

Andy Irons Memorial Kauai 11142010

One of the most beautiful videos I have seen...I felt for the most part very separate from it all, until I fell for a surfer and we spent the afternoon filling bags with flowers. When I saw this video it made my heart drop, seeing them showered onto everyone, so beautiful... What happened in that weekend made me fall in love with this island all over again. The bond that ties us all together, is more than the community. But the love for the water, for the surf, the respect for the beauty of this sacred place. I felt it in my heart and in my bones, And as I watched everyone mourn him that weekend, they were all coming from such a huge heart space. There is a definitive understanding between people who surf, the kindred spirits, the wanderers seeking something greater, a moment of introspection, a simple approach to this life. Surfers more than anything share the space of the humble souls seeking outward to the sea to calm our wild spirits and feed that great fire of desire to be immersed in the element...where adrenaline and calm resolve meet, May you rest there Andy Irons

The rest of the McQueen's


We were finally photographed by the most talented and lovely Emily Helen Photography...she is amazing


Fucking right...

Kaliedoscope Theory is back

My beloved friend and co~ host of our radio show Kaleidoscope theory has returned from South America and we are vary happy to be back on the air you can listen online Wednesday nights on KKCR.ORG from ten to twelve...