I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy~
anais nin

wanderlust and beauty

I find this world overwhelming sometimes, the ignorance of the greater world to be too much, the consuming of man and the desire to manipulate nature appalling, how we never learn for every time we think we are greater than this earth, our mother nature shows us otherwise. That nature has a divine order. I find the everyday humdrum a flatline to me, that it is not what I want or should be doing and I want more, always more..and the connection I feel when I meet like minded people is what gets me through to the other side. I hope the artists and the dancers and the poets are heard once more by the masses. I hope you hear the music too. We are not all fucked, there is redemption in connection. I hope you still read books, I hope you still remember the tangible feeling of holding it in your hand, going deep into the confines of a story, not your own, but a different way to look at life, the smell of paper. I hope you remember that there is wealth in experience that our elders hold great knowledge, and it is often that in our youth we burn brightest with passion, but also that we put so much greatness on beauty people have forgotten, that there is so much wisdom with age. I hope you know that you are important, important beyond measure, and that you can make someone's day or break it, that we are all just trying to get through and our brave souls go out into this world everyday and we are all trying the best we can. I hope you know that people in magazines and media are fantasy and that we should stop trying to attain to be something that is unattainable, I hope you are following your hearts, and if you feel it speaking to you then do it, and don't stop even if you feel that the world may persecute you and never understand, in the end they will, I hope you speak your mind, and are not afraid and know it's important to listen, to listen so closely to people, because we all want to be heard. And know yourself, know you are capable and worthy of love, everyone is and to never settle for less than that, that all these things that surround us we don't need, and if you have ever traveled with a backpack and a dream that, those experiences deem richer than anything I have owned. I hope you remember the dream, the revolutionaries that have ignited a flame of inspiration with simple words and truth. I hope you have compassion for those who are often most angry and eager to critisize are the ones that are most unhappy with themselves, I hope you take chances large leaps of faith, because even if you fail, even if people think you are terrible the first hundred times there will be someone who will see the beauty in it. I hope you know that sometimes life is unbearable that our hearts break and are broken but there will be someone else too, that it may be a different love a completely different kind, but one is not greater than the other. I hope you don't take too much stock on the media and the news, I hope you are not oversaturated and that you can enjoy moments still~ with no phones or facebook or television, just to sit with the silence, I hope you know you can do anything, that everyday you can make small steps toward whomever and whatever you want to be. I hope you know you are forgiven, we have all done terrible unspeakable things, things we are not proud of but this makes us human, I hope you don't think you are a victim, because to a certain degree we can do almost anything, if we find a way. and cliche as it may sound everyday is a new day possible for change, I hope you know that you are not alone, and in those hours when you feel you are, just know there are people out there too, singing the same melodies of wanderlust, climbing over mountains in the dark, and waking in the night to stare at the moon, thinking of this large world and dreaming just like you...

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  1. grateful to be climbing mountains and moonbathing with you friend...thank you for sharing your dreams!