I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy~
anais nin

Summer Love

Waking is rising to a sublime shade of gold, catching the light with the skyline looking out at that perfect procession of fishing lines meeting the water...of losing your breath and seeing the endless abyss of the ocean, falling into the picturesque backdrop of losing yourself in a moment, the confessions made with those moments~ where pressing yourself into something real means everything, having a sincere conversation, living entirely in your truth...wrapped against those afternoons where you Surf ~ sharing the space of the humble souls seeking outward to the sea to calm our wild spirits and feed that great fire of desire to be immersed in the element...where adrenaline and calm resolve meet...and the times when you are alone out there when everything disappears and your realize how grand and fleeting and how beautiful it all is, how this ocean speaks metaphorically ~ watching your child making tiny footprints in the sand along yours, singing in that sweet small voice that could break your heart, because you never knew you could love so much...being exhausted with happiness with those days you can steal away into a river, arms outstretched to the sun, feeling this ancient knowing that we are truly blessed, having a human connection, realizing that whomever will be there, is a blessing for whatever time they are there, and taking that feeling in, the moments, when someone truly sees you for who you are~ those lazy half stoney afternoons, napping in the sun, and waking up only to let yourself float in the sea. Knowing there is reality~there's always those things, those bills, those jobs, conflicts...But in the end it's so good because there is so much beauty as well. Grateful for the abundance of those times, when you laugh so hard with friends, on decks watching sunsets and eating food that was grown with love, sunburnt faces smiling from long days of hard work and hard play, eating mangoes warm from the sun, drinking coconuts.... watching the familiarity of people who have all known you at some point, lifetimes of stories, and smiling from the corner of a coffee shop....staining your feet red dirt caked in between those jaunts to the jungle~ just moving upward to see what's over that next corner,~ And missing so many places with so many more you need to see and taste and touch, and knowing that wanderlust so fiercely, that you too will clean up nicely and wear beautiful things, and walk down streets of Spain, Or New York, and they won't know that you are special because you know what is so valuable in this life, that you will board trains just to have the feeling of watching the world recede in a blur, that you will taste wine, and stare at beautiful paintings that will move you to tears... but that you are here, the love for a place that has absorbed into your heart, that this island, this is home, and this where you want to be.....

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